Adaptation Organizations


Climate Services Providers

The Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS) is a dedicated multi-disciplinary team within the Government of Canada with expertise across a broad range of climate-related disciplines. They work with partners and stakeholders to support the implementation of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. CCCS’ national network of climate services provide free and accessible resources and services to Canadians:

Quebec: Ouranos
BC and Yukon: Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
Prairies: ClimateWest - Prairie Climate CentrePrairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC), International Institute for Sustainable Development
Atlantic: CLIMAtlantic - Ecology Action Centre, New Brunswick Environmental Centre (NBEN), Aster Group, UPEI (node for PEI)Econext

Canadian Organizations

Adaptation Library. Resources for Climate Adaptation
Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform 
Canada’s Climate Change: Impacts & Adaptation
Canadian Climate Institute

ICLEI Canada. Local Governments for Sustainability 

Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions 
ReTooling for Climate Change 

International Organizations

International Institute for Sustainable Development. Resilience
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 
Red Cross and Red Crescent Climate Centre
UN Climate Change. Adaptation & Resilience 
UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Climate Change 
World Health Organization. Climate Change

Other Organizations

Climate Adapt. Sharing Adaptation Information Across Europe
Global Center on Adaptation 
Global Commission on Adaptation
ICLEI Global. Local Governments for Sustainability
Stockholm Environment Institute. Adaptation
Yale Program on Climate Change Communication