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FAQ – How do I subscribe to the weADAPT newsletter?

How do I subscribe to the weADAPT newsletter?

The weADAPT newsletter is usually sent out every two weeks. It includes content featured from our many contributors. 

To subscribe to the newsletter, you can either go to the form in the footer of the website if you are not a weADAPT user OR you can subscribe via your account if you are already a user:

  • To subscribe to the newsletter, visit your account page by clicking on your name in the top banner.
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button under your name.
  • Within the ‘Edit Profile’ page, scroll down until the section ‘Receive weADAPT newsletter?’ is reached. 
  • Click the ‘Subscribe’ button to subscribe to the newsletter. 

If you would like your work on climate change adaptation to be featured, please contact info@weADAPT.org. See past issues and subscribe to the weADAPT newsletter.  

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