FAQ – How to add keyword tags to my content?

How to add keyword tags to my content?

To add keywords to your piece of content on weADAPT: 

  1. You can access and edit your content by going under your profile, selecting the ‘Created Content’ tab, and clicking on the ‘Edit’ button for the relevant piece of content. 
  2. Start typing a keyword in the ‘Tags’ field in the right hand-column. 
  3. Predefined keywords will be suggested: choose from the drop-down list.  
  4. Keywords will also be suggested in the right hand-column the first time you enter text into the short description of your article or case study, and when you first create new sections in the ‘Main Body’ of your article or case study. 
  5. In case you do not find the appropriate keyword in the drop-down list, you can suggest a new keyword.  

To choose appropriate keywords, we recommend the following: 

  • The ideal number of keywords is 6 to 12 terms for an article or case-study 
  • Where the article or case study covers several locations and/or topics (for example, if the page is describing an entire project, e-learning course, or book), a much higher number of keywords may be appropriate. What is important is that the keywords are directly  relevant to the article or case study they are describing. 
  • First, add keywords related to the location such as city, country and/or region. 
  • Then, add keywords related to the main topics of your article or case study. For example, does it focus on climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, ecosystem services, poverty alleviation, urban adaptation, food security etc.? 
  • Next, add keywords describing the context and risks being addressed. For example, does your work focus on local communities, cities? Who are the stakeholders involved (e.g., policy makers, subsistence farmers) What climate and other risks are being investigated (e.g., floods, drought, extreme heat)? 
  • Lastly, add keywords related to processes, methodology, and any specific approaches and tools used (e.g., serious games, participatory scenario planning). 


  • Keywords should not include organisations and people’s names, as these are already linked to the article/case-study page via the contributors and participating organisations sections. 
  • Avoid very generic terms that are common to all weADAPT articles, and therefore would not highlight the specificity of your article. For example: environment or climate change
  • The shorter, the better: keywords should be one conceptual unit. For example, rather than adding one tag for indigenous knowledge in community-based adaptation, two keywords indigenous knowledge and community-based adaptation are preferable. 
  • Suggesting new keyword tags: Our keywords list is always under construction; we are always improving it and adding new terms. Contributors play an important role in helping weADAPT integrate new and emerging terms! Therefore, do not hesitate to suggest new keywords in the case that you do not find the appropriate one in the system. You can suggest a new keyword. Please help us by including a reason for the new keyword tag, and if possible, a definition for the new keyword. New keyword submissions are reviewed by the Knowledge Management team. If approved, the keyword will be added to your article or case-study, and used to tag other relevant content. 

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