FAQ – How to contribute to discussion forums?

How to contribute to discussion forums?

Users can create forum posts to share announcements, post questions or discuss a topic/content that is relevant to climate adaptation. Any user that is registered on weADAPT can create forum posts. Once submitted the forum post will be reviewed internally by the weADAPT team before posting.

You can access and read the discussion forums without being a weADAPT member. However, to contribute to the discussion or start a new discussion, you will need to register on weADAPT and then log in.  

There are two ways to create a forum post:

  • If you would like the post to be associated to a specific theme (with the possibility of notifying the users who are subscribed to that theme): please select the relevant theme and click on ‘Start Conversation’;
  • Alternatively, you can go to Connect in the menu, then click on ‘Conversation‘ and ‘Start Conversation’.

You can then use the pop-up window on the right to fill in the information you would like to share.

Your message will then be reviewed by the weADAPT team. Before publishing your post, the weADAPT team might ask you to edit, clarify or add further information to your post to make sure it is clear and understandable for a wide audience.

We often reshare forum post content in our newsletter.

Further information:

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