FAQ – What are themes and networks?

What are themes and networks?

Information in weADAPT is organised around a series of Themes and Networks which collect information about specific topics and act as hubs for people working on different aspects of climate change adaptation. 

Themes are led by different experts and organisations, who provide peer review of the content within their Theme to ensure that it is high quality. The Theme pages consist of a description of the topic, related articles (including guidance and other resources), Case Studies, blogs, events and a list of the theme members and organisations. These themes can be sorted chronologically or alphabetically for your convenience. Each Theme also has a dedicated discussion forum for asking questions to the wider community and for sharing and discussing ideas, events and experiences. When you post a message in the discussion forum for a specific theme, the users who have signed up to this theme will receive a notification. In some of our themes, the content is organised into subject-specific categories to help you explore the content you are interested in more easily. 

Networks are flexible spaces for sharing and discussing research and practice that are led by specific organisations, projects or programmes. In general they consist of a description of the Network and its aims, related articles and case studies, and a list of the network members and organisations. Networks too have a dedicated forum space.

Themes and Networks can be found from anywhere on the site by clicking on ‘Themes‘ or ‘Networks’ under the ‘Learn’ menu in the top bar, as well as from the Popular Themes tab on the right-hand column on relevant pages. 

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