FAQ – What are weADAPT microsites?

What are weADAPT microsites?

weADAPT microsites are a service that allow organisations and networks to build their own bespoke websites at a fraction of the normal cost and in a way that ensures the visibility of knowledge products beyond the lifetime of any project.

These individually customised websites benefit from weADAPT in many ways: through its rich knowledge base, active social media channels, popular newsletter, growing levels of website traffic, and ultimately through the connections that allow knowledge products to meaningfully connect to the weADAPT community worldwide. 

Additional website benefits include unique website design, branding and URLs as needed. At the same time, these bespoke websites will be powered by the same state-of-the-art tools and technology underlying weADAPT.org. 

Current weADAPT microsites include:  

Further information: 

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