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Digital Education in Times of Climate Crisis

From my perspective, there are new and important opportunities for teaching and learning centres’ influence on higher education, with a focus on advancing climate change competencies in all curricula.  

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Concepts, Terms and Definitions related to Climate Services, Infrastructure Risk Assessment and Climate Risk Management

Explore the common concepts, terms, and definitions in the context of Climate Services, Infrastructure Risk Assessment, and Climate Risk Management through this guide. 

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ALN 2019-22

The project, with its supporting funding, is ending. The ALN project launched in January 2019 and closed March 31, 2022.  We hope you will check out our Adaptation Learning Network Final Report. 

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Doctor Climate Change

May 28, 2021. An interview with Dr. Cohen about his Adaptation Learning Network course at Royal Roads University, Climate Change Adaptation Fundamentals

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Food & Water Security

May 13, 2021. A discussion with Joanne Taylor, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of British Columbia Okanagan and facilitator of the ALN food and water security course.

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Intro to the CACF

Feb 3, 2021. ALN has been consulting with climate adaptation experts for the past two years, examining existing and future roles that require a knowledge of climate adaptation. 

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Natural Assets Management course

March 6, 2020. We spoke with Roy Brooke about his own journey into this field and why municipalities should be thinking about their natural assets. 

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Youth Protesters from Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion outside the COP25

Reflection on COP25

February 11, 2020. Report. Resilience by Design Lab Research Assistant, Antonia Paquin, attends COP25 in Madrid, Spain. 

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Dr. Robin Cox meets attendees at the Clean BC Forum 2020

CleanBC Forum 2020

February 5, 2020. CleanBC, sponsored a forum facilitating connections between Indigenous communities and organizations working in climate adaptation and mitigation.

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Stewart Cohen

ALN Launches its First Course

February 5, 2020. Adaptation Learning Network launches its first online course facilitated by Dr. Stewart Cohen.

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Building a competency model for Adaptation to Climate Change

November 11, 2019. Ibbaka published an article about the design of a competency model for Adaptation to Climate Change.

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Dr Robin Cox

Competencies for Adaptation to Climate Change: An interview with Dr. Robin Cox

November 11, 2019. Robin Cox spoke with Steven Forth, Co-Founder of Ibbaka, about the competency model for Climate Change Adaptation.

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Participants at the climate adaptation workshop

The Challenge Dialogue Workshop

September 21, 2019. The Challenge Dialogue Workshop brought together over 50 climate change adaptation influencers from across BC.

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Dry land in Mozambique

RRU funded to lead $2-million climate change adaptation project

The project, led by the ResiliencebyDesign Lab, initiated in January 2019.

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Robin Cox

Cox: Global reconciliation key to climate action

September 3, 2019. Dr. Robin Cox, delivered the keynote presentation "Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience" in Mexico City. 

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Robin Cox, Marsha Wagner and Dutch Consul-General Henk Snoeken

Learning from Dutch innovations to address Canadian climate challenges

September 3, 2019. Dr. Robin Cox participated in a roundtable with the Dutch climate consultant Marsha Wagner and climate experts. 

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