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Integrating Remote-Sensing and Ground-based Observations for Estimation of Emissions and Removals of Greenhouse Gases in Forests

The purpose of the Global Forest Observations Initiative Methods and Guidance Document (MGD) is to provide countries with advice relevant to their development of national forest monitoring, and measuring, reporting and verifying systems that use remotely sensed and ground-based data. The MGD provides information that can be customized to fit individual country circumstances and cope with both preferences and evolution in technology.

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Application of GIS and Remote Sensing for Environment and Flood Risk Management in Central Viet Nam

This project assessed and implemented new methods and reviewed existing methods of categorising land use in the Mekong areas of Viet Nam and the links between flooding and land-use.

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Integrating Community-based Carbon Management and Monitoring with Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS for REDD+

A summary of the Sumernet study on implementing an integrated community-based participatory and remote sensing measurement and monitoring system for REDD+ in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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