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Climate Ready Forestry at Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park (QEFP) is the first site in the Climate Ready Forest network; a partnership between FC Scotland, Forest Research, ClimateXChange and private sector collaborators, which aims to support the forest sector in Scotland become more resilient to climate change.

About Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park is located near Aberfoyle at the boundary of the Scottish highlands and lowlands, and lies within the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. The park covers 67,000 hectares and includes areas of native woodland, productive forest, water courses and areas of open space.

The park is managed by Forestry Commission Scotland to deliver multiple objectives, including recreation, biodiversity and timber production – whilst maintaining the character of landscape. The park receives over 1 million visitors each year, incorporates a large complex habitat network, and supports the local and national timber industry.

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park is also the site of Scotland’s Research Forest which provides additional support for this partnership.

Forest managers at QEFP are committed to managing their forests to be resilient to climate change and have already begun making changes to the forest and how it is managed. You can learn more about these changes in the videos found at the following link:

The adaptation process is ongoing. Making the right changes at the right time requires careful planning with local and national experts and consideration of the whole supply chain: from seed, to stand, to saw.

Climate Ready Forest Network

Through the Climate Ready Forest Network we are working to identify and implement solutions for the threats that climate change will have in Scotland. We will be documenting these changes and the adaptation process, so that the lessons learned will support the forest sector to adapt. We are achieving this though:

  • Bringing together practitioners, researchers and policy makers to explore current barriers to climate change adaptation and to work towards achievable solutions.
  • Showcasing real-life examples of best practice and innovation through demonstration sites, case studies, workshops and resources.
  • Providing a platform for knowledge exchange within the sector, to encourage the sharing of ideas and experiences, and to become a source of inspiration and support.


A workshop was held in Autumn 2013 at Queen Elizabeth Forest Park to launch the Climate Ready Forest Network.

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