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Climate Action Education

Reimagining Education as a Catalyst for Social Change

In this webinar, Robin Cox, Ken Jeffery, Irwin Devries, Elizabeth Childs, and Russ Johnston engage in a dynamic conversation that explores the change-making role of open educational pedagogy and practices in higher education.

The Great Reset: The Case for Climate Action as Key to Economic Recovery

Hosted by Dr. Robin Cox, this webinar shares insight into the opportunities for speeding up climate action through government stimulus spending, new business strategies (e.g., green public-private partnerships), and education.

Changing the Narrative: Stories that Motivate Climate Action

Hosted by Dr. Robin Cox, this webinar explores how shifting the climate change story may offer a key to motivating citizens, businesses, and governments alike, to take the collective and transformative action necessary to shift the catastrophic trajectory we are on.

MA and Graduate Diploma in Climate Action Leadership

Webinar recording of our session hosted by program head, Dr. Robin Cox on the Master of Arts (subject to BC Ministry approval) and Graduate Diploma in Climate Action Leadership programs. When so much is uncertain, we need leaders who can engineer change and innovate the ways we look at the world.

Workforce Development

Climate Workforce Readiness: The Climate Adaptation Competency Framework

There are many unknown implications of climate change on labour markets. However, climate change will undoubtedly have broad consequences for employment, including workforce regulations, the growth of new green jobs, and identifying skills gaps.

Developing Workforce Readiness for Climate Change

Join RRU President Philip Steenkamp and Dr. Robin Cox, program head for the MA in Climate Action Leadership and Graduate Diploma programs, as they discuss workforce readiness for climate change and how you can use the new Climate Adaptation Competency Framework created by the Adaptation Learning Network to advance climate action in your organization.

Future of Work: Adapting to Climate Change

How will the climate crisis change the way we work, what careers are emerging out of the climate crisis, and how will organizations shape the future of work in all career areas and job types? Hear from our expert panellists on the future of work in relation to climate adaptation, climate-change mitigation, and net-zero initiatives.
Moderated by Vivian Forssman this webinar brings together experts in the climate job field -Gavin Pitchford, Ewa Jackson, Laniel Bateman, Avi Lewis, Carla Lipsig-Mumme – to discuss the changes in the way we work and how sectors are evolving to meet the challenges of the climate crisis.

Climate Conversations

How to Build a Climate Resilient Economy

Mark Carney is one of the worlds top central bankers and has long been calling for action on climate change. He discusses the need for building an economy based on climate resilience with RRU President Philip Steenkamp.

How to be a Fearless Young Climate Leader: NRC Program Director Phil De Luna

Phil De Luna, the youngest program director at the National Research Council Canada, gives leadership advice to young professionals who want to take action on climate change.

The Resilience by Design Podcast