About CanAdapt

About CanAdapt

CanAdapt advances Canadians’ climate literacy and competencies, preparing a workforce adept at navigating and leading in the face of climate challenges.

Climate change is reshaping our world, demanding innovative solutions and a workforce ready to implement them.

CanAdapt emerges as a pioneering initiative, spearheaded by Royal Roads University’s Resilience by Design Lab in collaboration with the Climate Risk Institute.

CanAdapt Services

1. Climate Courses Portal:

The Climate Courses Portal, to be launched in Fall 2024, is a gateway to a comprehensive collection of climate action upskilling opportunities. Designed to connect Canadian “producers” of climate education with “consumers”, this platform will amplify the reach of climate action courses, micro-credentials, and certificates. 

    Key Features:

    • provides a wide range of education, training, and professional development options
    • both online and face-to-face learning and training opportunities
    • Courses on adaptation, mitigation, and low carbon resiliency policies and practices
    • tailored to the Canadian context, to address the regional impacts of climate change. 

    2. Practitioner Networks:

      Practitioner Networks provide a vibrant online space for sector-specific, discipline-specific, and regionally-focused climate action conversations. This platform fosters a community where professionals and tradespeople can share case studies, ask expert questions, and collaborate on climate action initiatives.

      Key Features:

      • provides a safe, troll-free environment for knowledge exchange
      • offers  resources, case studies, and tools for climate action
      • fosters opportunities for collaboration and innovation in climate action

      CanAdapt builds on previous successful initiatives of these two organizations:

      Royal Roads University/Resilience by Design LabDeveloping and offering climate-focused courses and micro credentials through the Adaptation Learning Network program.

      Developing the <Climate Action Competency Framework>

      Conducting applied research:
      Upskilling for Canada’s Climate Transition
      – OTESSA Journal
      Climate Risk InstituteDeveloping and offering climate-focused courses through professional credentialing (e.g. through Engineers Canada).

      Facilitating professional communities via Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice (CCACoP) and subcommunities, to support and facilitate multiple professions, sectors and associations in furthering collaborative climate action.

      Building a resource knowledge base in support of these professional communities.
      Royal Roads University/Professional and Continuing StudiesHosting multiple CRI courses on the  learning management platform at RRU.
      Royal Roads University/Resilience by Design Lab and Climate Risk InstituteOffering  services such as skills gap analysis, using tools such as the Climate Action Competency Framework.