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About CanAdapt

About CanAdapt

CanAdapt is a climate adaptation capacity-building hub that provides a responsive platform for training, education, communities of practice, and information resources.

CanAdapt is a collaboration between Resilience by Design Lab at Royal Roads University and the Climate Risk Institute.

The groundwork has been laid to create a not-for-profit corporation designed to amplify and simplify public and private sector involvement in climate-informed workforce development through a Canadian Climate Adaptation Digital Portal that connects climate-action related education and training “suppliers” with the needs of consumers (e.g., organizations, and individuals).

CanAdapt builds on previous successes of these partners to:
  1. Extend Adaptation Learning Network Portal for showcasing and marketing climate-focused courses, micro-credentials and academic programs from over 200 post-secondary institutions and training organizations in Canada;
  2. Facilitate professional communities via Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice (CCACoP) and subcommunities, to support and facilitate multiple professions, sectors and associations in furthering collaborative climate action;
  3. Provide a resource knowledge base in support of these professional communities; and
  4. Offer services such as skills gap analysis, using tools such as the Climate Adaptation Competency Framework, and provision of professional credentialing (e.g. through Engineers Canada).
The CanAdapt team is currently focused on securing funding to advance to Stage One operations beginning in late Fall 2022.