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Adaptation Learning Network 2019-22: Final Report

The ALN project has been a climate-adaptation capacity-building initiative, led by Dr. Robin Cox, and operated through the Resilience by Design Lab at Royal Roads University. Over the past few years, we collaborated with six BC universities to design and deliver 11 courses on climate adaptation topics, all now available as open educational resources. Over a 15-month period, 576 people enrolled in these courses, and each university is continuing to offer the courses into the future. We consulted with many climate adaptation experts, and then built and tested the use of the Climate Adaptation Competency Framework. We developed and then operationalized a Climate Action Micro-credential Strategy to sustain the value and reach of ALN courses. And finally, we developed an active network of change-makers, through events, social media, webinars, podcasts, and this newsletter.

The project was funded by Natural Resources Canada, the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy – Climate Action Secretariat, and the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training. We have created the Adaptation Learning Network: Final Report as a digital, multi-media, and open-licensed web-book, using a tool called Pressbooks. It tells the story of the ALN project from start to finish, well, soft finish as we have some additional funding from the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy to continue work on the Climate Adaptation Competency Framework and build some additional courses.

Project Overview and Objectives

This process helped us identify relevant and available courseware with content related to climate change adaptation. We concentrated on the offerings of the BC Professional Associations and the BC Post-Secondary Institutions that collaborate with us on this project.

Annual Reports

These reports are updates to our funders on the progress of the project from 2019-2021.


We conducted a survey with members of the participating BC Professional Associations to know more about their professional development needs and interests. Through the survey, we gathered information about their knowledge on climate change and climate change adaptation, as well as the relevance of these topics to their professional practice. We also learned about their topics of interest for continuing education programs with an emphasis on climate adaptation. The results will be used to inform the next steps in the Adaptation Learning Network: Inspiring Climate Action project.

Challenge Dialogue Process

This collaborative effort focused on collecting feedback from our partners, experts in climate change adaptation, Indigenous leaders, and researchers to identify priorities and opportunities that contribute to increasing capacity in climate adaptation and resilience in BC.

We produced a series of documents to collect feedback, compile responses, and summarize results. We also organized a Challenge Dialogue Workshop that brought together nearly 50 climate change adaptation influencers from across BC. At the end of the Workshop, participants submitted evaluations and provided feedback about the expected outcomes of the workshop.