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Practitioner Networks

The Practitioners’ Networks are interactive online communities intended to encourage communication, information sharing, and knowledge-exchange across jurisdictions and fields of expertise to promote adaptation action throughout Canada and beyond. Membership is free and open to anyone.

Join us! By actively contributing to these spaces, you’ll be able to access a community of like-minded peers who can help you expand and develop your own thinking and practice as it relates to your work.

Join the Adaptation Practitioners’ Network

The Adaptation Practitioners’ Network shares general adaptation resources and plans, new frameworks, events, and other learning opportunities.

Join the Forestry Adaptation Practitioners’ Network

The Forestry Adaptation Practioners’ Network is dedicated to persons interested in climate change impacts and adaptation options for forestry in Canada. It provides the means for which forest industry members, forest science researchers, forest policy makers and others can share information and best practices on current activities in the area of climate change vulnerability and adaptation in Canada’s forest sector.

Join the PIEVC Practitioners’ Network

The PIEVC Practitioners’ Network is for the growing group of practitioners across the world using the PIEVC Protocol to undertake climate change vulnerability and risk assessments for infrastructure.

Practitioner Network Resources

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