FAQ – What can I do on weADAPT?

What can I do on weADAPT?

Learn: As a visitor or user on weADAPT, you can access the whole platform for free to learn about key climate-adaptation related issues. weADAPT is designed to bring information to you  in an intelligent and personalized way, organising information under themes, networks,categories, and  using linked tags (or keywords) to integrate our collective knowledge in meaningful ways. The upgraded site improves weADAPT’s responsiveness to your needs and interests. 

Share: Sharing content on weADAPT is easy – you can add and share information about your organisations, latest project, reports, open access journal articles, case studies, events, blogs, courses and other relevant information. Once you add content on weADAPT, if will be reviewed by our Knowledge Management team and one of our editors. It will then be shared with you again before being published and visible to visitors. Sharing can help potential collaborators and donors find your work, and can help you connect with other members. 

Connect: Based on your profile description, interests, and the work you publish, weADAPT links you with new knowledge and other climate adaptation professionals, helping you to find and connect to people doing similar work. You can send direct message to users, post comments and use forums to ask or answer questions, share announcements and reflections with the weADAPT community. The Map of Case Studies also allows you to view projects operating in similar fields or in your geographic area, allowing you to connect and collaborate with other individuals, projects and organisations. 

Find out more about how you can Learn, Share and Connect on weADAPT. 

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