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New Frontiers Podcast: Project Management for a Changing Climate


New Frontiers: Project Management in the Future – Project Management for a Changing Climate

Climate change impacts can affect projects. Project managers across a range of project types and industries need to be prepared, in their project plans, for considerations of new types of project risks that could affect project timelines, budget, and outcomes (e.g., supply chain disruptions due to storms and permafrost melt; infrastructure risks due to unusual weather events causing flood damage; heat domes that impair information and communications technologies; and many unanticipated and cascading climate and social impacts on the purpose, functions and outcome of projects).

The Project Management Institute Southern Alberta Chapter (PMI-SAC) is paying attention to this reality. This podcast is facilitated and developed by Neil Sanderson, an active project management professional in the PMI education and training community in Calgary.

A panel with expertise in climate adaptation brings multiple perspectives on how we can prepare ourselves and our organizations for accelerating uncertainty and change.

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