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Webinar: Adaptation of Silviculture Practices to Climate Change

Image of Forest in Fall
Recording of Webinar Presentation


Presented by François Hébert (DRF), research scientist at the Direction de la recherche forestière (Forest research branch) of the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et des Forêts du Québec (Quebec’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests), this webinar focuses on the adaptation of silviculture practices to climate change. François will discuss his research projects, each one addressing one climate risk and one strategy to manage this risk. The first project will explore the idea of using mixed-species plantations to reduce the probability to lose silvicultural investments in regions where the fire risk is high. The second one will test the use of various thinning intensities to reduce water stress in plantations submitted to drought. Finally, the third project will experiment the use of species enrichment, through assisted migration, following partial harvest.

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