Compendium of Forest Education Resources for Youth and Educators

Submitted by Climate Risk Institute | published 12th Sep 2022 | last updated 27th Sep 2022
Compendium of Forest Education Resources for Youth and Educators


This resource was submitted by the Climate Risk Institute for use by the CanAdapt Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice.

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The compendium responds to the key CCFM priority identified in 2020 where the Council expressed the importance of youth having access to factual information on sustainable forest management in Canada.

The majority of youth today live in densely urban environments with limited opportunities to explore and understand the complexities of Canada’s vast forests. With a deluge of information on the internet, including unsupported messages being presented as science-based fact, it is increasingly difficult to access fact-based and balanced information about sustainable forest management and forest practices in Canada.

The purpose of this compendium is to help youth and teachers access educational resources on various forestry topics such as biodiversity of forests and trees, sustainable forest management, and forest based industries and products The compendium was developed based on information submitted by participating jurisdictions and partners.

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