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Webinar: Climate Change Adaptation in Action in the Harrop-Procter Community Forest

Harrop Procter Community Forest in Nelson, British Columbia
Recording of Webinar on Adaptation Action in Harrop-Procter Community Forest


Climate change projections and risks have been widely discussed in broad terms for many years, but climate change adaptation principles have generally been poorly integrated into operational forest management decision-making. This presentation focuses on a climate change adaptation case study that demonstrates how to integrate climate science and risk assessment into tangible forest management decision-making on a 11,300 hectare land-base adjacent to the small rural communities of Harrop and Procter in Southeastern BC. Presented by Erik Leslie, RPF, this case study has an applied and practical focus that is oriented towards forest managers and decision makers. Erik is a forestry consultant and manager of the Harrop-Procter Community Forest near Nelson, BC. He has extensive experience in forestry planning and operations, community engagement, and small business management. For the past decade, Erik has worked with the forest industry, Indigenous peoples, community organizations, and regional and provincial governments on community-based strategies to address climate change and reduce wildfire risks.

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