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Climate vulnerability and adaptation in the Upper Zambezi Valley – ‘Lyambai Vulnerability and Adaptation’ (LYVA) project

Submitted by Ben Smith 24th November 2009 5:10

''The flood that comes every year can make or destroy our way of life. It has always been that way but these days we see more extremes of flood or drought and this is causing serious problems with our food security''

Ploughing with Oxen obtained through the project

Project Description

ENDA is working with local partners, including the Barotse Royal Establishment and local NGO, to identify and assess the effect of climate change on social and ecological vulnerability in the area, and develop adaptation options.

The first phase of the project is now complete, and phase 2, working with communities in an even more remote part of the floodplain, will commence in 2010. The purpose of the project is:

1) To assess increasing climate related vulnerability and identify possible adaptation strategies in the Bulozi floodplain region of the Upper Zambezi Valley in Zambia with a focus on food and energy security in the context of self sufficiency and sustainable development.

2) To develop strategies and plans for the adaptation of existing practices and the creation of new livelihood choices and alternatives to both maintain and increase production while protecting the physical environment for future generations.

3) To help create positive conditions to counter the rising tide of out-migration among the most able of the population and a slow haemorrhaging of indigenous knowledge and skills.

Contact Person

Lawrence Flint