FAQ – What is weADAPT and who are its users?

What is weADAPT and who are its users?

Launched by SEI in 2007, weADAPT is a collaborative platform on climate change adaptation issues, supporting knowledge sharing and collaborations for practitioners, researchers, and policymakers. Its primary mission is to provide access to credible, high-quality information and to facilitate the sharing of experiences and lessons learned.  

As SEI‘s pioneering, user-led platform and network for climate change adaptation, weADAPT has united a dynamic, global community over 15 years. The platform serves as a nexus where individuals and organizations engaged in adaptation research, policy, and practice can share experiences, lessons, case studies, guidance, events, blogs and tools on the cutting edge of adaptation issues and actions. 

weADAPT reaches a large and increasing global audience. The platform hosts 8,000 registered users from more than 5,000 organisations (as of March 2024). Some of the main types of user are the following (based on weADAPT surveys, interviews and other feedback):

  • Practitioners in the public, private and voluntary sectors 
  • Researchers, consultants, students and educators 
  • Policy makers, policy advisors and other technical staff 

Our analytics show that we have visitors from all over the world, with strong pulses in Europe, East Africa and South Asia.

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